The Court Reporting Institute of Louisiana administers all admission programs in compliance with policies established by the Louisiana State Board of Regents. Please call the administrative office for information regarding dates and fees. Also, check out our calendar for future enrollment dates and holidays.

The Court Reporting Institute of Louisiana (CRIL) administers all admissions in compliance with policies established by the Louisiana State Board of Regents.

The school reserves the right to deny admission in instances which would be detrimental to the student or would interfere with the capacity of other students to benefit from the educational experience.

All applicants for admission or re-admission must submit the application and a registration fee of $100 and $25 testing fee.

The registration fee is not refundable 3 business days after enrollment agreement has been signed. Deadline for receipt of application is at orientation.

Admissions Requirements
The following must be completed and/or submitted for enrollment:
» Interview with the Director
» Student Application
» Admission’s Test
» Typing Test (40 wpm minimum)
» Financial Aid documentation complete (if applicable)
» Registration & Testing Fee
» Copy of high school diploma or GED certificate
» College transcript (if applicable), mandatory for transfer students
» Copy of driver’s license and social security card
» Signed Enrollment Agreement
» Immunization record or documentation
» Orientation (mandatory prior to attending program)

Anyone interested in registering should contact the school Student Services Office at (225) 292-1950 to schedule an appointment.

Re-admission of Former Students
Former students who have not been enrolled at CRIL for the 6-month period prior to the term admission is sought must file an application for re-admission.

Students on suspended status must also file an application for re-admission. The registration fee of $100 is required of all students who apply for re-admission. If the student’s application for re-admission is not accepted, the $100 fee will be refunded.

Prior to the commencement of classes, an orientation will be held for all new students enrolled. This session will provide a detailed review of the Institute’s catalog, Student Handbook, classes and class schedules, policies and procedures, and a tour of the school. There will be a question-and-answer session to address any remaining student questions.

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